Remember the rumor that Roger Penske is looking to bring Renault back to America via his recently-procured network of Saturn dealerships? Consider it a rumor no more, as the deed has been confirmed by none other than Renault's chief operating officer Patrick Pelata, who said in a recent interview:
"He is looking for cars to sell. He has looked at all car makers, and he has seen that Renault has a nice line-up, sharing power trains with Nissan that are obviously adapted to the U.S. market... He's asking us: 'Do you want to sell us cars?' and we are discussing about how to sell him cars."
Considering that Nissan and Renault have plans to share virtually all new engines and Nissan is already well established in the U.S. market, it may make sense for the French automaker to supply Saturn-badged vehicles to Penske once GM stops producing the current Aura, Outlook and Vue models, which could be as early as 2011.

Previous reports indicated the vehicles in question may actually be sourced from Samsung, Renault's Korean subsidiary. According to Pelata, though, "It's an ongoing discussion," and no deals have yet been finalized.

[Source: Wall Street Journal - Sub. Req.]

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