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It's been quite a few years since RUF launched its 911 Turbo-based Rt 12, and the German uber-tuner has decided its time for a refresh. Designated the Rt 12 S, the new model gets a bump in output from 650 to 685 horsepower, good for a new maximum velocity of 224 mph. Along with the distinctive front and rear fascias, the exterior is differentiated with widened rear fenders that house air ducts, a carbon fiber rear spoiler, LED lighting, CTR 3 mirrors, and 19-inch alloy wheels. Additional upgrades include carbon ceramic brakes, a hydraulically-adjustable suspension system, a variety of custom seats, a new steering wheel and more. Customers can also opt to convert the car to RWD and choose from a variety of interior trim options. All of this comes at a cost, though. At the current exchange rate, RUF will take a cool $359,000 out of your bank account. The brief press release gives all the details after the jump, and RUF was kind enough to provide high-res photographs for us to enjoy in the gallery below.

[Source: RUF Automobile]


The new dimension of driving pleasure is the RUF Rt 12 S. This high performance sports car connects high end performance with complete road capability.The refined biturbo boxer engine with 504 kW (685 hp) develops a maximal torque of 880 Nm and even satisfies highest demands. The roll cage which is integrated in the ceiling has been developed by RUF and belongs to the standard equipment of the Rt 12 S.The new RUF sets a new course with the dynamic design of the front with separate LED alternative lamps for the position light and the turn signals. A discreet carbon rear spoiler with tearing edge, air ducts which are harmonically integrated in the widened rear fenders and exterior mirrors from the RUF CTR 3 complete the appearance of the Rt 12 S.The RUF has forged 19 inch light alloy wheels in the front and in the rear. Behind you can see the ceramic brake discs of this high performance brake system. The chassis and the aerodynamics are tuned to a maximum speed
of 360 km/h.Optionally we can deliver a height adjustable front axle which hydraulically offers 50 millimetres more chassis clearance by pushing a button for passing basement garages and higher curbs easily.The interior is constructed for a RUF known functionality. Extremely contoured bucket seats or comfortable sport seats and a steering wheel with maximum grip offer the right ergonomics for fatigue-proof driving. Applications in varnish, aluminium or carbon are possible and offer the client an individual scope of design.

The RUF Rt 12 S coupé can optionally be delivered with rear drive or four-wheel drive and costs 255,900.00 Euro (plus VAT).

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