2008 Mini Cooper D - Click above for high-res image gallery

To repeat one particular bit of news that's been playing over and over like a broken record since the modern Mini first made its appearance Stateside back in 2001 – there's little if any chance that the U.S. market will be blessed with an oil-burning Mini Cooper any time soon.

While Mini USA reportedly wants nothing more than to import the Mini D to America, the financial realities are such that the car will either cost way more than anyone is willing to pay (a ridiculous 40-50% premium is being bandied about) or sell at such a low price that Mini's German parents won't make a dime on the transaction.

That said, according to the Mini-obsessed boys at MotoringFile, it remains a possibility – however much a long-shot as it seems after all these years – that the next-generation R60 Mini could some day hit U.S. shores with an optional diesel. That would be welcome news indeed, but please excuse us for taking that tidbit with an appropriately large grain of salt.

[Source: MotoringFile]

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