Dodge increases towing capacity of 2010 Ram on paper with no hardware changes

To paraphrase – Dodge: "Gosh, the Ram is even better than we thought." That's essentially the explanation given as to why the Ram's maximum towing capacity has been bumped from 9,100 pounds to 10,450 without any apparent hardware changes. Now fully coil-sprung, Chrysler initially said this new setup (as opposed to leaf springs) offers significantly better ride quality, and since research indicated that 80 percent of owners tow just 6,000 pounds or less, joining the fracas of half ton trucks that can drag around five tons or more wasn't the most important benchmark for the new Ram.

While the stated goal at the time of the new 2009 Ram's launch was to at least match what the previous Ram could do, another look at the latest SAE testing protocols for tow ratings suggested that more brawn had indeed been baked into the new truck. As such, a 2010 two-wheel drive longbed Ram with the 5.7-liter Hemi and 3.92 rear end gets a 1,500 pound bump in gross combined vehicle weight rating to 15,500 pounds. The Gross Combined Weight Rating (GCWR) is the absolute maximum the truck is guaranteed to handle without damage – passengers, payload, trailer and all.

There are other detail changes for 2010, such as trailer-towing mirrors in manual or power specification, an efficiency tweak to the airdam, available iPod integration and 22-inch wheels, along with an engine management revision to eke some more efficiency out of the truck by shutting off fuel during deceleration.


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