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It was another record-setting weekend for Killacycle pilot Scotty Pollachek at the Wayland Invitational drag racing event at the Portland International Raceway. However, he wasn't mounted atop the world's quickest electric ride during the accomplishment. Instead, he sat behind the wheel of the first-delivered 2010 Tesla Roadster Sport. Although its owner had taken the Sport's new car smell down the quarter mile in 12.82 seconds, it took an experienced 135-lb driver accustomed to the red, yellow and green Christmas tree trackside to shave off the fractions of a second necessary to win the NEDRA street production, 349 nominal volts and above class. The numbers? 12.643 and 12.715 at 102.89 and 101.20, respectively. Very nice.

As for the Killacycle, a motor failure on its first run threatened to end its weekend disappointingly early but thanks to a generous attendee in possession of a freshly delivered Jim Husted motor, the racing continued. That wasn't the end of the drag bike's troubles however and another technical glitch kept it in "first gear" and its times in the 8's. The Killacycle's previously mentioned match-up with the Mini-Me didn't quite go as expected either, although it was the little one that proved disappointing. In a run that was, well, let's just say it wasn't pretty, the replica didn't make it to the finish line and its rider lost an arm. Luckily, the arm was plastic. The Killacycle team is now placing their hyper-speed hopes on September 27th when they host the High-Altitude Nationals at the Bandimere Speedway. Hit the jump for video of the record run as well as a contest between the original Tesla and the new Sport. Bonus video is a short clip of what happens to your utility meter when you host an electric car "juice" bar at your house.

[Source: Tesla Motors Club / Eva Håkansson]
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