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Oh, joy – another car to add to our never ending bucket list. Your eyes are drooling over the Eagle E-type Speedster. Starting with a plain old Jaguar E-type and a very wealthy client, Jag specialist Eagle shot for the moon and landed in the Sea of Automotive Tranquility. Okay, it's a lousy metaphor, but just look at this beautiful bloody thing! We're out of superlatives, and we haven't even got to the really good stuff. Let's start with the engine. Buried under that gorgeous bonnet is a fully built 4.7-liter straight-six that makes 300 horsepower and 340 lb-ft of torque. Not impressive by 2009 standards until you consider a few facts. First, all that torque shows up at 1,750 rpm. Second, the E-type Speedster weighs just a dumbbell over 2,400 pounds (2,420 to be exact). That's ten pounds more than a brand new Mazda MX-5 Miata, but the Eagle has fully twice the power. As such, zero sixty happens in less than five seconds and the top speed is 175 mph.

Then there's the body. Most noticable at first glance is the chopped windscreen. Look a little harder and you'll notice the "hidden" A-pillars. Both the sills and the floor pan were lowered, which is why the bloke up top looks so teeny. Not only did Eagle extend the track of the rear wheels, but the further flared the body's already unrealistically butch haunches. They even narrowed the license plate opening. Then there's the lusty cockpit where the rear deck extends all the way into the passenger compartment creating a Corvette-like central waterfall. And look at the leather they used! In case you're wondering, the hand brake is concealed under the center panel. Then you got the all-aluminum dash, the spectacular wire-wheels complete with three-spoke spinners – honestly, the goodness of the Eagle E-type Speedster never ends.

[Source: EagleGB via CAR]

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