Buell Blast comes to a crushing end, new entry-level sportbike in the offing? [w/VIDEO]

2010 Buell Blast ottoman - Click above for high-res image gallery

For whatever reason, Buell's 2010 lineup is nearly devoid of the firm's long-running Blast model. While never overtly sporty, the Buell Blast has always been considered at least a competent motorcycle. The idea had merit: A relatively inexpensive mount with a seat close to terra firma, unintimidating power delivery and easy availability from Buell and Harley-Davidson dealerships all across the country. Still, something always seemed missing from the 500cc standard – nothing, apparently, that a giant crusher couldn't fix.

We'll let Buell's own website tell the story, mostly 'cause we're not entirely sure what's going on here:
The Buell® Blast was a cute little motorcycle. It just never made much of a sportbike. But, as luck would have it, it makes a killer ottoman. Or end table. Or art piece. Through an innovative process known as crushing, we've turned a limited number of Blasts into colorful metal cubes, each numbered and signed by Erik Buell himself. Hey, there's no denying the Blast's aforementioned cuteness. But there's nothing cute about racing or riding a sportbike the way it was meant to be ridden.
According to our friends at Hell For Leather, the Blast will soldier on in 2010 with its most of its Buell markings removed, and the little thumper will still be used for Harley's Rider's Edge training program. Now, on to the next logical question: What's Erik got on the backburner as a replacement for the Blast? Click past the break for a video of the Blast's' final gasps and check out the aftermath in our gallery below.

[Source: Buell via Hell For Leather]


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