The newsletter that was promised from Aptera HQ has been released. The news from the missive is a tiny sneak peek of the interior of the production version of the 2e (above) and that a new Aptera e-store will open at the end of this month. The store won't sell you any cars, yet, but you will be able to get branded water bottles, hats and the like. So there's that.

As for the interior, Aptera is saying that the design of the production version came about after "clinical research on all vehicle details, which uncovered a number of issues that could have been potential 'dissatisfiers' in our original designs." The issues included not enough space (the production version is now 10 percent bigger all around), perception of space (people thought it was too dark, so now there is a center console infotainment system called Eva that lights up the cabin and helps define the space. All the company is saying now is that Eva "likely has twice the computing power of any machine in your house," which sounds exciting. There are also three drive states and a new seat construction that will be used in the production vehicle.

Some of the issues that were been raised by the Aptera fanbase in recent months – questions about the windows, the real life range – were not addressed in the newsletter. Will it be enough to quiet things down?

UPDATE: see a larger image of the interior rendering here.

[Source: Aptera]

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