James May, a.k.a. Captain Slow on Top Gear, has a BBC show called James May's Toy Stories. After building an award-winning Plasticine garden and the world's largest model airplane, the next thing on May's list is a house built of Legos. A two-storey house. And he intends to live in it for a weekend.

The house will be built in Dorking, England and everything that can be made out of Legos will be made out of Lego. Said May, "I've got a man working on a flushing Lego lavatory. We think it's possible." Seeing that Legoland doesn't even have a house made of Lego – and certainly not Lego toilets – this should indeed be a "pioneering Lego cause." So far, three million Lego bricks have been contributed to the build, but May is looking for more in case you have any lying around.

[Source: BBC]

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