It's more than ironic that the Italian word barchetta literally translates to "little boat." When originally used to describe racing Ferraris, the idea of a seafaring Maserati wasn't what anyone had in mind. Marco Amoretti and Marcolino De Candia apparently looked at a Biturbo and though "gosh, that would make a dandy runabout for a coastal tour of Italy."
The Italian Coast Guard did not agree, and the men were intercepted in the slow-moving makeshift craft. Painted pink and fitted with polyurethane buoyancy aids, the AcquaMaser lacked any of the required safety features or seaworthiness documentation. Slow motivation provided by an outboard motor, and low gunwhales also gave the officials concerns as the car was escorted back to land near Forte Del Marmi, Italy before it was confiscated, and Amortetti and De Candia were handed fines. Despite the potentially hair-raising pseudo-boat ride, the two men have apparently pulled off a similar stunt in the past, traveling from the Canary Islands to Martinique in a Ford Taunus/Volkswagen Passat-based vessel. Top Gear, eat your heart out.

[Sources: via Google Translate; UPI]

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