KLD Technologies' goal of getting solid performing electric vehicles on the road has taken a giant step closer to fruition with the signing on of Rob Ferber as its chief technical officer (CTO). The former Tesla Motors science director was responsible for developing the battery packs that power that company's Roadster and his 20 years of experience in the industry also includes time with AC Propulsion. In his new post, we imagine he will put his energy-storage expertise to good use, matching the innovative (high frequency, low RPM, nano-riffic) Neue™ motor with a battery system that will enable it to reach the 100-mile (at 25 mph) range benchmark. KLD will have two versions of its initial electric scooter with the top model capable of reaching 65 mph and a base selling price of $3,888. This includes a 2.15 kWh lithium battery that will get you half the maximum range. The 100-mile battery option is $1,000 extra.

How does Mr.Ferber feel about making the move and working with this new technology? Excited:
KLD's Neue™ motor system is a highly disruptive technology poised to transform electric vehicle design and performance. I'm excited to be a part of this dynamic company.
The Austin-based company recently raised $1million in its Series A-1 round of financing. That cash was meant to fund the hiring of developers, so it seems as though it's getting put to good use. Even earlier in the year, KLD Technolgies announced a deal with Vietnamese scooter maker Sufat to help build the bikes. Future product for the company is said to include a snazzy-looking motorcycle as well as not-so-snazzy three wheelers. Launch of the first scooters in America is slated for Q3 of 2010. Press release after the break.

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Tesla Motors Scientist Joins KLD Energy Technologies

Company to Open San Jose Office

AUSTIN, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Austin, Texas-based KLD Energy Technologies, Inc., developers of the patented Neue™ drive simple™ high-performance electric motor system technology, has named Rob Ferber, former science director at San Carlos, Calif.-based Tesla Motors Inc., as its chief technology officer. With Ferber's addition, KLD Energy Technologies will open an office in San Jose, Calif.

"Rob is an important addition to our executive team. He is a true innovator in the electric vehicle industry," said Christian Okonsky, founder and CEO of KLD Energy Technologies. "We are at an important turning point for our company and his expertise and experience will no doubt further energize us."

Ferber has 20 years of experience as a scientist developing battery systems for AC Propulsion Inc. and Tesla Motors. While at Tesla Motors, Ferber was responsible for the company's early development of lithium battery packs.

"KLD's Neue™ motor system is a highly disruptive technology poised to transform electric vehicle design and performance," said Ferber. "I'm excited to be a part of this dynamic company."

With the addition of Ferber, KLD Energy Technologies will open a new office in San Jose. The company currently has research and development activities underway in Austin, Texas and Gilroy, Calif.

KLD Energy Technologies announced in June that its Neue™ high-performance, transmissionless electric motor system will be made available in the United States through a new, sleek electric scooter. The E165 scooter reaches speeds of up to 65 miles per hour and possesses a range of over 100 miles on a standard lithium battery. Made from an innovative nano-crystalline composite material to conduct energy more efficiently than traditional iron-core motors, the Neue™ motor has a high-frequency to low RPM ratio. The Neue™ enables two- and three-wheeled vehicles to attain speeds and performance levels comparable to gas-powered vehicles. Base price for the scooter is $3,288.00.

Earlier this year, KLD Energy Technologies announced a deal with Sufat, the leading Vietnamese scooter manufacturer, to produce its high-performance motor for a new line of scooters.

About KLD Energy Technologies, Inc.

Austin, Texas-based KLD Energy Technologies designs and licenses a patented, high-performance electric motor system technology. The company's cornerstone technology is a high-frequency, low RPM, transmissionless motor system that increases the speed and efficiency of electric vehicles.

KLD Energy Technologies' mission is to transform transportation and decrease pollution through high-performance electric motor systems. The company's technology represents a paradigm shift in motor design, enabling the production of highly efficient, environmentally friendly two- and three-wheeled vehicles.

For more information, visit www.KLDEnergy.com.

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