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We knew that the famous – and now available – $2,500 Indian car was heading to Europe and the United States. The next market where the world's cheapest car is going to be sold, thanks to help from Fiat, could be Latin America, according to a report in India Times.

As emerging markets, the countries of Latin America offer great potential for the Nano. Fiat is one of the most important auto markers working in South America and is already partnerign with Tata on engines and transmissions in India. Also, Maseratis and Ferraris (part of the Fiat Group) will be sold in India through the Tata network. What is not yet clear is exactly which model will be sold in Latin America: the U.S. version, the European one, the Indian model (unlikely, as Brazil requires mandatory airbags), or an altogether new Nano?

[Source: Le Blog Auto, India Times]

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