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Shelby SuperCars, creators of the Utimate Aero (above), infamously announced last Summer that it would begin building the world's fastest electric car, the Ultimate Aero EV. The company said the EV supercar would be unleashed sometime this summer at an American racetrack in a show of fast laps and fast charging. While that's yet to happen, SSC's Green division has announced plans to put the heart of its electric powertrain inside a hybrid motor-home.

A recent agreement with Jones & Sons Chassis will see the All-Electric Scalable Powertrain (AESP) installed into a serial hybrid recreational vehicle platform with a 150-mile all-electric range. The REERV (range-extended electric recreational vehicle) will supposedly be able to achieve a total range of 500 miles and be capable of refilling its battery overnight on the 220V, 50 amp service typically found at campgrounds.

Although no time frame was given for the project, an earlier release from SSC Green states, ambitiously, that they hope to supply over a quarter of the drivetrains needed to reach Obama's 2015 million plug-in car goal. The 260,000 AESP's would be be built at its manufacturing plant if the $30 million Department of Energy's Electric Drive Vehicle Battery and Component Manufacturing Initiative grant to fund their expansion plan comes through. Check out both press releases after the break.

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Jones & Son Chassis, Inc., North America's premier custom motorhome chassis designer has entered into an exclusive agreement with SSC Green Inc. of West Richland, Washington to integrate SSC Green's All Electric Scalable Powertrain (AESP) to produce a hybrid motorhome chassis platform.

After a year of meeting with several companies and researching various entities in the EV drivetrain industry, "SSC Green's AESP proved to be the only solution to meet the demanding specifications and capabilities of our motorhome chassis."

Jones & Sons Chassis design specification requires a 500-mile range motorhome that must achieve 150 miles on battery pack, and then switch over to "hybrid mode" for an additional 350 miles. During hybrid mode the onboard generator will charge the battery pack. SSC Green's controller will easily charge the battery pack overnight with 50amp/220 volt standard camp ground electrical service. Jones believes SSC Green is the solution for supplying cost effective, reliable hybrid powertrain technology for the motorhome market.

SSC Green is a subsidiary of Shelby SuperCars the producer of the Ultimate Aero, the "World's Fastest Production Car". With a track-record for excellence and innovation of ground breaking technology SSC Green's AESP presents a real alternative to motorhomes powered exclusively by petroleum based fuel.


SSC Green, Inc. Submits Grant to Expand Production Line, Produce Enough Electric Powertrains to Satisfy 26% of President Obama's Goal to have One Million EV's on the Road by 2015.

SSC Green today announced it has submitted plans for approximately $30 million to the Department of Energy's Electric Drive Vehicle Battery and Component Manufacturing Initiative (FOA DE-FOA-0000026) to fund its current manufacturing facilities expansion plan. SSC Green and its partners would contribute half the funds with the Department of Energy contributing the remaining funds. The expansion would produce enough All-Electric Scalable Powertrains (AESP) to power 260,000 vehicles, 26% of President Obama's goal to have one million EV's on the road by 2015.

SSC Green's AESP is the final product of a revolutionary concept; a cost effective, mass-producible powertrain compact and power dense enough to fit a wide variety of applications. Each electric motor is power dense, weighing only 175 lbs, less than 1 cubic foot in volume with output of up to 500 hp, and scalable in single motor (100 hp – 500 hp) and twin motor (501 hp – 1000 hp) configurations. The physical size of the motor and controller remain the same for every application allowing for cost effective mass-production and ease of implementation. Computer programming alone, instead of costly re-tooling, scales the power output of the electric motors.

"A unique mindset and approach to innovating groundbreaking technology is a fundamental necessity in order to be a viable entity in the supercar market. Being the producer of the world's benchmark supercar it was logical to broaden SSC's scope to developing cutting edge Green technologies," said Jerod Shelby, President/CEO of SSC Green. "The philosophical and problem solving synergies between the Green and supercar markets are strikingly identical and have led us to the next breakthrough in automotive technology."

Major outcomes of the expansion to mass produce SSC Green's All-Electric Scalable Powertrain (AESP) include the creation of domestic jobs (70 immediate construction, 203 direct, and 12,000 indirect) and rapidly bringing to market a revolutionary technology to combat the downfalls of petroleum-based fuels (cost, foreign dependency, environmental impact). Additionally, SSC Green is sourcing raw materials and sub components for its exclusively US based AESP production from American suppliers, further stimulating all relevant industries. SSC Green's approach allows mass production of the AESP to begin 18 months from the project start date. By 2015, SSC Green will produce enough AESPs to power 260,000 vehicles, 26% of President Obama's goal to have one million EV's on the road by 2015. Additionally, SSC Green has received an overwhelming amount of broad bipartisan senate and congressional support from DC.

Another visionary concept is SSC's approach to utilizing battery technology. Battery technology is constantly changing, and to date manufacturers design their EVs around a specific battery technology. In this accelerated field, sooner than later, battery technology changes and EVs dependent on their technology along with their powertrains become dated. Engineered and designed to incorporate batteries as the technology evolves allows the AESP's design to remain effective and cutting edge over a long period.

SSC's electric powertrain does not require a new platform; it allows for simple implementation into current vehicles and applications. The logical and adaptable design allows mass manufacturers to cost effectively implement the AESP into multiple assembly lines and produce efficient electric vehicles immediately, without the long-term development of new models.

Overwhelming domestic and international response has recognized SSC Green's AESP as a revolutionary innovation. Inquiries for AESP purchase range from major US manufactures of various vehicles (RVs to SUVs). Equally important, SSC already has contracts to export the AESP to Japanese auto manufacturers, Chinese auto manufacturers, national and international government subsidized mass transit, and Hong Kong manufacturing plants, helping to draw foreign money back into the US.

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