Ford Fiesta crash at Pikes Peak - click above to watch video after the jump

The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb is not for the faint of heart. The 12.42 mile, 156 turn course has multiple surfaces, a (nearly) 5,000 foot elevation increase, not to mention dozens of unprotected cliffs that await a driver's slip-up.

We reported earlier that the #5 Ford Fiesta succumbed to the mountain during a practice session on Thursday, with Ford later informing us that the crash had been caused by a misfire and that the damage was repairable.

Thanks to the wonders of YouTube, we now have amateur footage of Andrea Eriksson sliding the Fiesta off course. An alert cameraman caught the mishap on tape, and was kind enough to post it online and share it with us all. Most of the video is post-crash, but if you skip ahead to the end of part two, you can actually watch Eriksson and his co-driver drive away in the car after it gets towed back onto the road. Hit the jump to watch both videos.

[Source: YouTube]

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