Susanne Klatten is learning what it's like to live a recurring nightmare. Last year, the heiress to BMW's controversial controlling Quandt family fortune was blackmailed by Helg Sgarbi, a conman who seduced her into a two month affair and subsequently threatened to distribute video footage of their encounters to the public if she didn't hand over a payment of some 50 million Euros. Klatten refused and instead went to the police, resulting in a six-year jail sentence for Sgarbi. Germany's wealthiest woman – a married mother of three – endured the embarrassment in the pursuit of justice and a refusal to acquiesce, but that wasn't the end of it, as Bloomberg is reporting that another set of fraudsters has attempted a copycat performance.

Apparently, a group of three men contacted Klatten claiming to have the tapes and demanded she fork over 800,000 euros (about $1.13 million USD) in a BMW X5 or they'd release the tapes to the public. Evidently, the three men failed to learn about Klatten's determination from Sgarbi's mistakes and they, too, were arrested. Police reportedly got the drop on the blackmailers as they argued over who would drive the X5. It remains unclear, however, if the three extortionists even had possession of any such tapes.

[Source: Bloomberg | Image: Thomas Lohnes/AFP/Getty]

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