Neil Young's evolving Lincvolt project – a 1959 Lincoln Continental that weighs 2.5 tons and is 19.5 feet long that is being converted into a "bio-hydro-electric series hybrid vehicle" – today officially announced it will no longer participate in the Automotive X Prize. The split seems to be friendly. The Lincvolt news page says:
We have withdrawn Lincvolt from the X-Prize because of the conflict between providing the energy and resources required to develop a viable business plan for the Lincvolt technology, a requirement for X-Prize contestants, versus providing the resources and time required to focus on our main goal.
The development of Lincvolt technology is ongoing. We have always been in a race against Time, not a race against other contestants to win a cash prize.
The Goodwin Young team thanks the X-Prize for the valuable support they provided during the last year. Good luck to all of the contestants!
Unlike another recent drop-out, HP2G, The Goodwin-Young Lincvolt Team was one of the X Prize's registered entrants. The X Prize's Carrie Fox told AutoblogGreen that, when the teams were required to turn in their business plans recently, Goodwin-Young realized their plates were too full with projects (including Young's music) to fully participate. "They remain a big supporter of the X Prize," she said, adding that she expect them to stay involved in some way. Thanks to Jay for the tip!

[Source: LincVolt]

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