Kid Rock isn't exactly your average environmentalist. Still, the Michigan rocker is pulling a Daryl Hannah with his new American Badass Beer, which just went on sale in the Mitten State. What's unusual about the brew is that it's made, in part, using biodiesel.

The beer is brewed by Michigan Brewing Co., near Lansing, Michigan, which has been using biodiesel to power a steam generator used in the beer production process since 2007. Aside from pushing the green angle, Kid Rock – pictured above with the Mercedes BlueTEC-loving Sheryl Crow, Rock's singing partner on "Picture" – is also a job creator: MBC got a $722,957 tax credit to make his new beer, creating 400 jobs. Sierra Nevada also uses biofuels to help make beer.

While the "American-style lager" is currently only available in Michigan, a nationwide roll-out is planned for the next 12 months or so. After all, it's not called Michigan Badass Beer, is it?

[Source: Mother Nature Network | Source Photo by: Rick Diamond/Getty]

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