When Honda decided to grow its bread-and-butter Accord sedan in every dimension, it entered into the large car segment. The press has been pretty well split on whether or not that was a good idea, but the car buying public continues to vote favorably with its pocket books.

Ford has had a large car entry since the 2005 model year when it unleashed the Five Hundred to the surprise and delight of just of... well... someone, presumably. After lackluster sales, Ford changed the name of its full-sized sedan to Taurus for 2008, but the end result remained the apathy of car buyers. Ford appears to have finally stepped up its game with the 2010 Taurus, however, as the Blue Oval has decided to take its super sized sedan upmarket, with an elegant interior and an exterior that people will actually notice.

Our friends over at Inside Line have brought the Accord and Taurus together in an epic battle of the big rigs. The Accord has a quality pedigree and the love of the car-buying public, while Ford counters with an upstart Taurus that has become the flagship of a vastly improved lineup. The battle was close, but only one large sedan could end up on top of this comparison. Hit the link below to head over to Inside Line to read the comparison for yourself.

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[Source: Inside Line | Image: Scott Jacobs]

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