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Episode #137 of the Autoblog Podcast has arrived. Chris, Sam, and Dan are back, chewing the fat over the Acura ZDX, Death Valley spy shots of the Jaguar XJ, what will underpin Cadillac's new flagship model, Electric Lexus pricing, the ongoing Volkswagen/Porsche soap opera, and Honda's swearing off of V8s and RWD. Wrap it all up nice and tidy with some of your questions, and 82 minutes later, you're done. We apologize for the poor audio quality on Dan's track for some of this week's podcast. It only lasts through the end of the Autoblog Garage segment, and then we're back to full-fidelity. Getting a show out to you quickly was important to us, so we went with what we had. 23 minutes in is the magic point where the audio clears up. Let us know what you think, drop us a line at Podcast at Autoblog dot com. Thanks to all who have taken the time to fill out our survey; hit the jump to listen or subscribe to the Autoblog Podcast. If you like what we're doing, check out some of our sister blog podcasts like Engadget and Joystiq - you can never have enough listening material!

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