Sandra Bullock: "I live for Top Gear"

When Sandra Bullock married motorcycle builder and former Monster Garage host Jessie James, we were a bit surprised. After all, how many Hollywood mega stars marry glorified mechanics? Now comes news from the California Chronicle that Ms. Bullock is a big Top Gear fan, adding "I love Top Gear. I live for Top Gear." That quote alone instantly makes the successful actress one of the more credible movie-makers in Southern California – well, at least to us.

Bullock reportedly loves TG so much, that she's angling for a spot as a Star in a Reasonably Priced Car, adding "one day I will be on Top Gear, even though the helmet would make me look so bad - and one day I would like to wreck the car in a blaze of glory." If Marky Mark can do it, we're sure Ms. Bullock would be just fine.

Bullock says the reason she loves TG is the show's hosts, and for that reason she says she's glad the U.S. version of the show was a flop before it even started. We never knew we had so much in common with Miss Congeniality. Well, her big break did come in the movie Speed, so she couldn't be too bad, right?

[Source: California Chronicle | Source Image: Johannes Simon/Getty]

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