Inden Design Ferrari F430 Spider – Click above for high-res image gallery

It's a risky game, trying to improve upon a Ferrari. There are a handful of tuners (Edo Competition, Novitec Rosso) that arguably manage to pull it off, and now German tuning house Inden Design is aiming to join the ranks with its own modified F430. Fortunately, they've kept the modifications reasonable, instead of trying to reinvent the wheel and turning an automotive work of art into a rolling atrocity.

Under the hood, Inden Design has only tweaked with the ECU and fitted a new stainless exhaust system – fairly standard mods – yielding a not insignificant 35-horsepower boost to bring total output up to 525 ponies. Sport springs were added behind the multi-spoke 20-inch wheels, while a lip spoiler, side skirts and carbon diffuser round out the aerodynamics.

Meanwhile, Inden has managed to find a few areas inside that weren't already covered in leather and saw to that with judicious application of cowhide. While we're not sure we would have the chutzpah to tinker with a Ferrari, if we were so inclined Inden Design's approach strikes us as a sound. Check out the slick high-res images in the big gallery below and let us know what you think in the comments.

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