Castrol Flossie robotic motorcycle rider - Click above to watch the video after the break

Just what the world needed: A real-live Moto-Terminator. Flossie, the robotic motorcycle rider seen above, was created by the engineering boffins at Cyberdyne Systems Castrol as a way to test its synthetic oils in the kinds of harsh conditions difficult to endure for flesh-and-blood test subjects.

According to Castrol, Flossie can adapt to any kind of motorcycle or scooter, learning the proper way to use the clutch, throttle and shifting patterns of its specific testing mount for the day. Best of all, Flossie will replicate any desired testing procedure over and over again with nary a complaint and deliver predictable, consistent results each time.

At this time, Flossie isn't able to balance the bike without assistance, but we'd guess that capability can't be far away. Next stop: Judgement Day. Hit the jump to watch the video. Hat tip to Alex!

[Source: Castrol via Engadget]


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