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With a VIN of 99999999999999999, it has to be good, right?

That's the number that EVE Motors SUV gives for their electric vehicle that's currently for sale on eBay with a Buy It Now price of $29,995. This is a great price for an all-electric SUV, but the auction listing raises far more questions than it answers.

AutoblogGreen reader Doug H. wrote in to ask "Any idea who these folks are? I've never heard of this car...." We're unfamiliar with EVE Motors, too, but have to express skepticism about this vehicle and auction. For one thing, the EVE Motors website provides no contact information, never a good sign. On the eBay listing page, the company claims to have 900 cars "available to first come first serve." They claim the Trinity SUV can go 125 miles per charge using lithium-ion batteries and a 25 kW brushless DC motor. They say the car will be delivered anywhere in the lower 48 4-6 weeks after payment has been made. One slight problem: "We are not set up for test drives at this time." They'll take your $30k, but not let you test drive the car first? Hmmm.

EVE Motors says their mission is, "To serve the public by providing cutting edge automobiles coupled with high-end technology that eliminates fuel cost and many expenses from maintenance perminantly (sic)." We're wondering what's going on here.

EVE also sells conversion parts for EVs from their website. Thanks to Doug H. for the tip!

UPDATE: surprisingly, the auction has ended early.

[Source: eBay]

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