Earlier this year, when Ssangyong was allowed to continue as a going concern, the company had to let go of around 900 workers. Those workers (above) then effectively said "all your factory are belong to us," and staged a sit-in at the South Korean production facility that subsequently turned violent. Ssangyong hired its own security to try and clear the plant, but that didn't work. Now, months later, the South Korean police are reportedly set to move in.

Ssangyong production ceased entirely when the factory occupation began two months ago, and the company has no way of getting itself out of dire straits when it can't make any products and engage in commerce. The workers want to negotiate with the government, but the government hasn't announced any intention to do so. It's up to the police now, who said "We'll advance our force into the factory to assist the court's order."

The workers inside the factory appear totally committed to not giving up. Other former workers outside the factory have taken to staging rallies to support those inside, holding aloft banners that read "Layoffs are tantamount to murder." Something will need to give, but before it does, it sounds like more violence is on the way.

[Source: Bloomberg | Image: Jung Yeon-Je/AFP/Getty]

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