Alfa MiTo GTA concept – Click above for high-res image gallery

Oh, Alfa. We had such high hopes for you. The stoic Italian marque, it seemed, had wandered too far from its roots as a performance-oriented automaker anchored by decades of racing dominance. Heart-pumping roadsters gave way to mushy econo-boxes. And then came the 8C Competizione, whose dynamics may not be as inspiring as its looks (how could it?), but it signaled what we hoped was a new dawn for the resurgent automaker, even if it remained entirely out of reach for the common man.

Then Alfa followed up with the MiTo GTA, a positively drool-inducing hot hatch that debuted in concept form a few months ago at the Geneva Motor Show. Packing a 230-hp turbo four in an aggressive carbon fiber shell, the MiTo GTA looked nothing less than menacing. It was just a show car at the time, but Alfa said it would go into production by the end of the year. Well, according to emerging reports, that may not happen any time soon, if ever. Due to the financial crisis, Alfa has reportedly put the MiTo GTA on an indefinite hold. Does that mean it's been killed? Well, not necessarily, but we wouldn't recommend holding your breath. We'd save that for a hot lap behind the wheel... which may never come.

[Source: iMotor]

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