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Honda Motor Co.'s new president, Takanubo Ito, has said in no uncertain terms that V8 power and rear-wheel drive motivation aren't in the automaker's future.

Ito, who took the reigns from Takeo Fukui last month, said during his first press conference, "I don't think we need a classic front-engine, rear-drive car. It would be meaningless to emulate what other companies have done for more than five decades."

Honda's new president went on to say that, "We are considering incorporating new engines, motors, transmissions and chassis into mid- to large-sized hybrid vehicles," and confirmed that his predecessor's plan to create a V8 and a new rear-wheel drive architecture have been killed after Honda reassessed its priorities amidst the tanking economy. Instead, expect Honda's future premium offerings – primarily those from Acura – to adopt fuel-efficient inline-four and V6 engines, equipped with hybrid motors, and all-wheel drive.

[Source: Automotive News – Sub. Req.]

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