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If an experienced and knowledgeable team counts for anything in the world of electric vehicle startups, then there is a good chance we may see new American-made delivery trucks on our streets next year. Boulder Electric Vehicle, whose staff includes members of the Killacycle crew (both Bill Dube and Eva Håkansson), has plans to build cargo vans and delivery trucks in – where else? – Boulder, Colorado. The fledgling firm already has one prototype on the road and just looking at it, you can tell it is a purpose-built machine. Not only have aerodynamics been obviously taken into account but the use of an aluminum composite uni-body chassis is evidence that the materials that comprise the conveyance aim for maximum lightness. Even the leaf springs are light-weighted through the use of composites.

The vehicles are designed to be as reliable and bullet-proof as the polycarbonate battery box under the cargo bay floor and use a maintenance free 80 kW AC motor paired with long-lasting lithium iron phosphate batteries to move it along. Speaking of moving, the delivery truck (shown above) has a top speed of 65 mph and a range of over 100 miles while the smaller cargo van is said will be capable of 85 mph and get 200 miles from the 80 kWh power pack the vehicles share. Although understandably not as quick as its Killacycle cousin, the prototype gets its 11,000 lb GVWR up to 60 mph in a comfortable 17 seconds and can carry a 6,000 lb payload in its spacious box. If a box isn't to your liking the company says it can modify the platform to fit your needs and can be fabricated as a flatbed, 15 passenger van or other configuration. While no price has yet been set for the cargo van, the base price for the larger vehicle is a pre-rebate $100,000. They are taking orders now and hope to have the first copies delivered by this time next year. Hit the jump for a couple of videos of this Progressive Automotive X-Prize entrant doing its thing.

[Source: Boulder Electric Vehicle]

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