Lotus city car design – click above to watch the videos after the jump

Developing cars quickly is nothing new to the designers and engineers at Lotus in England. They do contract development for automakers around the world all the time. With that in mind – and knowing that Lotus has been actively involved in many electric and hybrid vehicle projects in recent years – the editors at Automotive Engineer magazine naturally approached them with a project idea: design a brief on what a new city car might look like five years from now.

After two weeks of work, Lotus design chief Russell Carr produced a design brief that defined a car 3.74 inches shorter than a Smart ForTwo and nearly 16 inches shorter than the new Toyota iQ. Somehow in that tiny space, Carr has managed to squeeze in space for four adults. The sketches show two different iterations of the vehicle, both with two sliding doors on the flanks. All are electrically-driven with a liquid-cooled 37 kW motor and a 10 kWh lithium ion battery pack under the floor. See more in the video after the jump.

[Source: Automotive Engineer]


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