VIDEO: Toyota iQ: Small Car, Font Jockey

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Anyone who has ever used a computer knows that there are a lot of fonts out there, but we can't think of one that was designed with the use of a cute little hatchback. Letmedesign typographers Pierre & Damien teamed up with Stef Vancampenhoudt to create a whole new font using the new Toyota iQ, and the resulting ABCs are colorful to say the least.

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to watch Vancampenhoudt maneuver the iQ inside a parking garage in an effort to recreate the alphabet. The iQ was fitted with red, green yellow and blue lights at the corners while being taped by an overhead camera. Special software was created to track the colored dots and create a one of a kind font, made by the ultra-compact Toyota city car. Check it out, and if you like the font, you can download it here. Thanks for the tip, Tom!

[Source: Vimeo]

iQ font - When driving becomes writing / Full making of from wireless on Vimeo.

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