NASCAR driver Jeremy Mayfield has had a rough 2009, as he became the first driver suspended under the racing series' new drug policy. Mayfield reportedly tested positive for methamphetamines in May, and was suspended by NASCAR as a result. Lawyers for the embattled driver argued that the test was a false positive due to a mixture of prescription drugs Mayfield was taking for allergies and ADD.

The suspension was later lifted, but Mayfield has allegedly tested positively for Meth a second time on July 6, prompting NASCAR lawyers to ask a judge to reinstate the ban. Lawyers for Mayfield are accusing NASCAR of not following the rules of the drug testing policy, saying they have the right to request an independent laboratory test a so-called "B sample."

The latest filing from NASCAR included an affidavit by Mayfield's estranged step mom, Lisa Mayfield, which stated that she saw Mayfield snort meth on "at least 30 times" during a seven year period. Mayfield's ex-stepmother also stated she witnessed him use meth before a race at Darlington Raceway back in 1999. In response, Mayfield reportedly said: "I'm not even going to call that lady my stepmom,... she's a very evil lady who can be bought."

Mayfield has repeatedly denied that he has a drug problem, and he has intimated that NASCAR may be framing him. USA Today is reporting that in a Sirius Satellite Radio interview, Mayfield said "I didn't think they were going to come back and say I was clean. They have a hard time admitting when they're wrong." Lawyers for Mayfield have gone even farther, writing in a report that "NASCAR is absolutely corrupted by power, and it's untenable motion to stay should be denied."

Regardless of whether Mayfield wins his appeal, there is no telling when he'll be back on the track. He's missed the last two races, and even though he's been eligible to race, he no longer has any employees working for his team.

Is it just us, or is Formula One's behind-the-scenes soap opera suddenly playing second fiddle?

[Source: USA Today | Image: Chris Graythen/Getty]

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