Tata Nano European crash testing - Click above to watch the video after the break

To all those who thought reports of the Tata Nano passing European crash testing were worthless without pics, we now have a few of those plus one better: Video. It seems the actual Nano submitted for the 50 km/h side impact test and 56 km/h offset frontal impact test was a mildly fortified unit with some extra foam added to the cant rail (the structural member supporting the B-pillar), a reinforced front longitudinal structure, and some added structure behind the front bumper and in the front doors. A remotely-triggered airbag was also fitted for this test.

These comprehensive modifications were apparently enough to prompt Nic Fasci, the UK engineer running the tests, to say, "It looks no different from other cars doing this test. It's a good crash." Tata believes these results bode well for its chances of putting the Nano on European roads by 2012, when the Indian automaker is expected to debut a slightly larger version of the diminutive car complete with a full slate of safety equipment, including fully functional airbags. Click here for a full rundown of the Tata Nano's European crash testing results and click past the break to watch the video. Hat tip to Darren J!

[Source: Automotive Engineer via TataForum.com]


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