The latest reports out of Japan could spell bad news for Honda S2000 enthusiasts the world over. According the Best Car, the rear-wheel drive roadster's replacement will likely ditch Honda's high-revving F20C in favor of the second-generation hybrid drivetrain slated to be fitted to the Accord, and further, the gasoline-electric mill will be driving the front wheels.

Although we've been hearing rumors about the S2000's successor for a few years, Honda hasn't provided any indication about if and where the new model is headed. Best Car contends that the new convertible – likely to be fitted with a retractable hard-top – will slot in above the all-new Honda CR-Z due to debut in production form at this year's Tokyo Motor Show. If that's the case, we suspect the next S2000 will be marketed as more of a boulevard cruiser than a back-road bomber, and that could mean that it might be sold as an Acura if it arrives in the States at all. If it does land here badged as a Honda, might we suggest calling it Del Sol instead?

[Source: Best Car via 7Tune]

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