Electric vehicles in San Francisco vs. Portland - Click above to watch the video after the break

While the Auto X Prize is working on making an actual clean vehicle race take place in the U.S. sometime soon, Gas 2.0 is putting together a "race" between U.S. cities to see which of them can get an electric vehicle charging infrastructure ready first. Currently, Portland, Oregon and San Francisco, California are involved in the "Electric Vehicle War," which Gas 2.0 hopes will "spur a broader discussion on electric vehicle infrastructure that involves citizens, industry leaders, and major politicians."

Some examples of Portland's EV work: the city is testing some Toyota RAV4 EVs and will welcome the iMiEV. In San Francisco's favor: GM likes it as an early Volt-friendly city and city hall already has a vehicle charging that Zipcar's first plug-in vehicle uses. Another likely contender in the fight could be Seattle: it is working with Nissan and the Mayor is being kind of bullish about EVs. Check out a video featuring some good, old-fashioned boasting after the jump.

[Source: Electric Car Race]

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