While a few small boutique motorcycle manufacturers have dipped a toe or two into diesel engines for motorcycles, the established brands have barely ever offered even a hint of interest in oil-burners. At least, not until now. Yamaha has apparently filed patents for a new series of motorcycle-size turbodiesel engines in both inline-four and twin-cylinder configurations.

Naturally, there are packaging issues to consider when placing a diesel engine in a motorcycle chassis, not the least of which is the physical size of an engine that's designed to withstand the high pressures and torque inherent in a compression ignition engine. Yamaha's patents seek to establish an acceptable arrangement of components – particularly the intercooler, which is placed atop the engine under a "dummy tank" with the actual fuel tank moved below the bike's saddle. Click past the break to see the actual patent application.

[Source: Hell For Leather]

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