We got a note from Xtreme Green Vehicles last week announcing that their X Rider was the first electric motorcycle to receive a Certificate of Conformity from the EPA. We thought this was unusual, since X Rider is not the only ebike available (see Zero X and Brammo for two examples), but it turns out to be accurate.

The EPA confirmed to AutoblogGreen that all highway-speed vehicles now need a Certificate of Conformity. This doesn't mean that the electric motorcycles from Brammo or Zero aren't legal, though, since the EPA has only required these certificates "recently," and vehicles imported or made before the changes can be sold without a certificate. Xtreme Green Vehicle's David Isserman told AutoblogGreen that:

We applied for it originally because according to the stimulus package, one of the requirements to be eligible for the tax credits was to have a Certificate of Conformity. As it turned out, when we originally approached the EPA, they said that every on-road highway vehicle had to have one and that low speed vehicles do not need to have one because they aren't going on highways.

The EPA's Certification of Conformity "certifies that a particular class of motor vehicles conforms to the EPA requirements." We called the EPA to find out why, for example electric motorbikes from Brammo or Zero didn't have a certificate, and the first response we got was, "Why would the EPA even issue a certificate for an electric motorcycle?" Turns out, that person wasn't up on the latest information (seems to be a trend in the government these days) and a bit more poking around revealed that Xtreme is indeed the first to get a Certificate for the category "Highway Motorcycle – Battery Electric," which is required to legally operate battery powered/electric motorcycles on U.S. highways. You can see the certificate for the X Rider here.

[Source: Xtreme Green Products]


Xtreme Green Products' X Rider Becomes First Electric Highway Motorcycle to Receive U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Certification

The Xtreme Green Products electric motorcycle, the X Rider, has become the first electric highway motorcycle to receive a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Certificate of Conformity. This certification, which is mandated by the Clean Air Act of 1990, allows the X Rider to legally travel on U.S. highways.

Las Vegas, NV. – July 8, 2009 - Xtreme Green Products, Inc. (XGP), an eco-vehicle company specializing in the development of electric land vehicles and personal watercraft, has announced today that the X Rider has become the first electric highway motorcycle to receive a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Certificate of Conformity.

The EPA Certificate of Conformity is a required certification for vehicles to operate on U.S. roads and highways. The certification was mandated by the Clean Air Act of 1990 to certify that vehicles conform to all EPA regulations and emission standards.

"Receiving the EPA Certificate of Conformity for the X Rider electric motorcycle represents an important milestone for Xtreme Green Products," commented Claire Roth, Vice President of Government Affairs at Xtreme Green Products. "For the past six months, we have worked diligently with the EPA to develop procedures for certifying electric motorcycles such as the X Rider. Now that the X Rider is certified, it is now designated as operational on U.S. highways and officially qualifies for electric vehicle tax credits offered through the federal government's stimulus package," she added.

The X Rider is the ultimate electric, two-passenger, Green Urban Commuter. This powerful, yet efficient, electric vehicle can travel up to 65 miles per hour with a range over 100 miles per charge. Features of the X Rider include a proprietary power management system, allowing added safety and battery life, a built in battery charger that allows the X Rider to fully charged in less than 3 hours, and a 4500 watt, 72 volt proprietary hub motor developed to maximize top speed and range. With an operational cost as low as $0.003 per mile, the X Rider is the perfect eco-friendly alternative to traditional fuel-powered transportation.

About Xtreme Green Products

Xtreme Green Products, Inc., is a Las Vegas, Nevada-based eco-vehicle company developing revolutionary, green electric powered, land vehicles and personal watercraft. The Company's products currently in development include extreme sports vehicles such as JetBoards, jet skis, ATVs, and snowmobiles as well as everyday products such motorcycles, light trucks, police mobility vehicles, motor scooters, and golf cars.


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