The man behind the team that penned the new Jaguar XJ, Ian Callum, has let slip that his crews drawing instruments are again at work again, this time on an XJC. That would be a coupe version of the XJ, something not seen since 1978. In an interview with Motoring Sky during the new XJ's unveiling, Callum admitted that the English automaker hasn't just thought about it: "We've actually drawn one already, but who knows."
That's probably as solid an indication that buyers might get a crack at a coupe model as we're likely to get for some time. If the car Callum's posse draws looks anything like the rendering shown here, then we almost think it's worth buying the sedan just to be able to help Jag build the business case for the coupe.

In the interview, Callum also talks about the car's controversial blacked-out rear pillars and a series hybrid in the works. Click the link for the interview, and if you're keen on the idea of a XJC, then get your wallets out to cast your vote.

[Source: Motoring Sky]

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