REPORT: Ecclestone backing breakaway GP1 series?

Bernie Ecclestone didn't get to be a billionaire by waiting for things to come his way. With the threat of a breakaway series seemingly very real once again, the man credited with making Formula 1 what it today is has apparently decided to make sure he is on it. F1 Live reports that last month, Ecclestone filed trademark application papers for Formula Grand Prix, Formula GP, and GP3, in addition to applying to protect his GP1 and GP1 Series logos.

If there were a breakaway series and the teams wished to continue working with Ecclestone, in theory, they could step right into a GP1-GP2-GP3 set-up. On the other hand, even suggesting such an alliance could get the FIA and its controversial president Max Mosley back to the table in a more conciliatory mood, potentially heading off a splinter series.

It isn't clear why any teams would want to stay with Ecclestone if there were a breakaway, since he's continually mentioned as one of the reasons the Formula One Teams Association is unhappy. Various rumors have the FOTA cutting Ecclestone out, but things won't get any clearer until the next teams meeting on Wednesday.

[Source: F1 Live | Image: Mark Thompson/Getty]

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