When we first told you about next Sunday's alternative vehicle Refuel event at Laguna Seca, it wasn't clear exactly which machines would make it to the first-of-its-kind event. Speed Ventures, the outfit organizing the occasion, now has a list of participants posted and it's safe to say that if you have an interest in electric vehicles (EVs), this is truly not to be missed. Not only will there be a handful of Tesla Roadsters present as we had speculated, but the vehicle that really kicked off this most recent electric renaissance, the AC Propulsion tzero will also be in attendance.

Being held at a race track, it's only fitting that actual race cars make their way around the famed circuit and Kleenspeed's WX10-T and the electric micro-sprint car of Doug Snyder will be filling that role. Of course, vehicles like the '65 Shelby Daytona coupe look-a-like from SSI Racing and the 1958 Porsche Speedster replica of Peter Oliver should also look quite at home on the track.

While we haven't confirmed rumors of TTXGP bikes being at Refuel, there will be battery-powered bikes on hand. Joining several conversions will be production bikes from Zero Motorcycles and Electric Motorsports and a couple of promising prototypes, including the Shocker from Patmont Motor Werks. Speaking of the shockless shocker, hit the jump for the most recent video of the cantilevered suspended wonder tearing it up off road.

[Source: Refuel]
Photo by wickedchimp. Licensed under Creative Commons license 2.0.

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