1967 Honda N600

So far, Honda has been one of the few automakers that has remained steadfast in not pursuing plug-in electric or hybrid vehicles, at least publicly. That, of course, doesn't preclude anyone else from going down that path. In fact, the idea of a plug-in Honda is certainly not a new one judging by today's eBay find of the day. The seller found this 1971 Honda N600 that had been converted to electric drive sometime between the first and second oil shocks of the 1970s.

Judging by the description and appearance of the car in the listing photos, this is what you would call a serious fixer-upper. Fortunately, as a California car it has been saved the ravages of road salt, but it is not currently drivable. Evidently it has a pair of fork-lift motors providing chain drive to the front wheels. There is no mention of batteries, but it seems safe to assume that new units will be required. As of this writing no one has taken up the the initial $750 bid.

[Source: eBay]

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