What's better: everyone owning their own car (which sits unused for 22 hours a day) or everyone having access to a car any time they need one? As you might suspect, this slightly loaded question is easy to answer for car sharing site Zipcar and ride sharing site GoLoco founder Robin Chase. In fast, Chase is a big fan of sharing in general. In a recent interview with Eric Steuer over at GOOD, Chase discusses that the sharing model is a benefit to society and not just the sharers themselves. "There's typically a huge amount of excess benefit that's going nowhere while we're absorbing all the costs," she said. "I like the idea of us thinking as a society about ways in which we can create platforms for other people to share in that excess capacity." While Zipcar often makes a financial case for its service, Chase explains that GoLoco users, too, can really benefit by opening up their cars to people who need rides. It's an interesting interview. Listen to it here.

[Source: GOOD]
Photo by Creativecommoners. Licensed under Creative Commons license 2.0.

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