Lexus LF-A race car - click above for a high res image gallery

It seems as if Lexus has been working on the LF-A supercar forever. Or at least six years. It's been shown in three different concept forms, including a convertible, at auto shows since 2005 and it has twice participated in the Nürburgring 24. Toyota has never publicly confirmed whether it will actually produce the LF-A, although britain's Autocar now reports that the super-Lexus will go on sale in October at a price estimated at £250,000, or nearly half a million dollars.

Until now, no one outside of Toyota's test and race drivers has actually driven the LF-A. Lexus brought the LF-A racer to the Goodwood Festival of Speed last week and Autocar got to sample it briefly on a rainy track. With a 5.0-liter V10 putting out over 500 horsepower, the 3,300-pound LF-A certainly has performance to spare. The V10 apparently really comes to life above 5,000 rpm. If (and that's a really big if) the LF-A is produced, it might only be a limited run of 500 units. Given Toyota's losses and the current economic environment, it's anyone's guess whether it'll happen, but we may find out at the Tokyo Motor Show this fall. Hat tip to RDS

[Source: Autocar]

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