Tramontana F1 in full jet fighter regalia - Click above for high-res image gallery

Autoblog reader David Kaiser has sent us some truly stunning images of Spain's most unique supercar, the Tramontana F1, painted in full jet fighter warpaint, attending a St. Moritz Automobile Club event in the Swiss Alps. The gathering took place on July 4 at the Engadin Airport, which at 5,600 feet, claims to be the highest European airfield that is in operation year-round. About 50 cars and 20 airplanes showed up for the show in the ski resort town, and it looks like we missed a great event.

We can't think of a more appropriate setting for the canopy'd and wing-laden Tramontana than an airport, not to mention one as spectacular as the one captured here in Kaiser's photographs. While we've only ever seen the twin-turbo V12-powered Tramontana F1 sitting static at auto shows, it certainly looks like it is capable of a wicked turn of speed.

According to our Zurich-based photographer, the airport's runways were closed for an hour, giving the chance for a gaggle of supercars past and present to take to the tarmac. Those cars included an Aston Martin Zagato, Bentley Continental GTC, along with some tremendous classics including a Jaguar E-Type and a stunningly restored Rolls Royce Hurricane. Naturally, the Tramontana took a turn as well, and our man Kaiser reports that: "The sound of the Tramontana is amazing, [upon its] approach, you don't hear almost anything, then a high scream similar to a jet appears when the car passes." Check out the high-res gallery below and the links below for more info. Thanks, David!

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