Maarten Timmer's VertiGO electric motorcycle concept - Click above for high-res image gallery

What should an electric motorcycle look like? Should designers attempt to make alternative machines as similar to their fossil fuel-burning siblings as possible or should they stray as far from that course as feasible? That's a question that's sure to be on the minds of budding young designers the world over for the next few years, at least.

Maarten Timmer, a student working on his masters at the Deft University of Technology, believes electric motorcycles need to be different from the gas-burning machines we are currently familiar with, and his VertiGO concept proves the point rather well.

We see some similarities between the VertiGO and the electric superbike design ROBRADY did for Vectrix, especially in the use of negative space directly in the center of the bike. Because an electric motorcycle obviously has no need for fuel, Timmer's VertiGO features a tailsection and saddle cantilevered from the area we'd normally expect to see a gas tank. Overall, it's a nice design.

[Source: Maarten Timmer via Hell For Leather]

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