We're not quite sure why MaxQData is claiming that its new Bliss Trek iPhone application is the "first eco-driving application for iPhone" when there were at least five such applications available 11 months ago, but that's the PR angle. Bliss Trek has some neat features - it's sort of like a SmartGauge that lives in your phone (it's even got the leaves) and can be used in any car - but it's certainly not first such program out of the gate.

Using GPS signals, Bliss Trek gathers speed and acceleration data to determine if the driver is making smooth, efficient driving choices. If so, the app ups your "Bliss Score." Driving fast and idling will make you lose points. If you do particularly well and like to show off, you can Tweet your score from inside the app. While there are a lot of animated cues to let you know how you're doing, the app also uses audio signals to tell the driver when they're driving green. Bliss Trek is now available in the iTunes App Store for 99 cents.

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Bliss Trek software uses iPhone to help drivers save gas.

Sammamish, Wash. - July 9, 2009 - MaxQData, LLC today announced the immediate availability of Bliss Trek(tm), the first "eco-driving" application for iPhone, designed to help drivers save gas. Bliss Trek utilizes speed and acceleration information in real time to provide immediate feedback to drivers about the efficiency of their driving. Drivers earn points for efficient driving behavior, such as smooth acceleration, and lose points for less efficient behavior, such as driving fast or sitting idle. A friendly animated interface displays the current score along with speed and other information.

In keeping with the "green" theme of the application, drivers doing well will see a blissful sunny sky appear on the screen, while drivers doing poorly will see a dark and cloudy sky. Feedback is also provided using clever audio cues. Drivers who maintain good driving habits will earn a green leaf on the on-screen "Green Meter" as a record of their continuing achievement. Drivers can also send Tweets to their Twitter Followers announcing their achievements.

"We're proud to release the first eco-driving application for iPhone," said Ed Lansinger, President of MaxQData. "Bliss Trek makes it easy and fun to learn how to drive efficiently. Not only will it help people save gas and money, it will help to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and lessen the environmental impact of automobiles on the environment."

Pete Stoppani, Chief Software Architect for Bliss Trek, said: "A lot of work went into making this product safe and fun to use. Drivers don't need to look at the screen or interact with the software while driving. Our beta testers reported that they were learning to drive more efficiently the very first time they used the application. The software is extremely simple to use and needs no external hardware or connection to the car."

Bliss Trek for iPhone is available exclusively through the Apple App Store on iTunes. Introductory pricing for Bliss Trek is $0.99. Bliss Trek is GPS-enabled and requires an iPhone 3G or 3GS. More information, including screenshots, can be found at www.BlissTrek.com.

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