The Greenwash to End All Greenwashing? GM reportedly pondering changing logo color

2010 Chevy Spark - Click above for high-res image gallery

General Motors has certainly been pumping out a greener message for the last few years, but, on the eve of its likely emergence from bankruptcy, it looks like it might be ridiculously difficult to miss the company's shift to a new and very public eco-mindset: The General's traditional blue square logo could become green. No, really.

While no official decision has yet been made, insiders are saying that the background color change is being considered, "in an effort to show consumers that it is leaner and greener, more focused on fuel efficiency and better able to make quick decisions," says MSNBC.

The fuel efficiency meaning of a possible new green logo is easy to understand and the "quick decisions" part reflects a new GM that will likely have 35 percent fewer executives to go along with fewer employees overall. More announcements on these issues and the fate of the Spark minicar could come tomorrow, when GM is expected to emerge from bankruptcy.

The real color change that GM needs to make, of course, is a shift from red to black – but that's significantly harder than swapping pixels in a logo.

[Source: MSNBC | Logo Image: Adam Morath/AOL]

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