After receiving hundreds of complaints from Swedish drivers who have been left stranded by the side of the road, Volvo has recalled 8,500 of its V70 and S80 Flexifuel vehicles. Apparently the rigorous environmental testing the car maker employs does not extend to heatwaves like the one Sweden happens to be caught in the grips of...wait a sec. Heatwave? Sweden?

Anyway, seems the non-return valve and the pressure regulator (stick with me here) in the fuel pump of cars built between late November of 2007 and September of 2008 experience some loosening when the outside temperature gets too high. This results in the cessation of fuel flow which, of course, causes the engine to stop running. This also means the air conditioning stops and, since it's blazing like the dickens outside, causes drivers to lose their cool and call the car company to complain. The offending vehicles have for the most part been sold in Sweden, though there are a smattering within several countries of the European Union. The problem is not thought to be directly related to the burning of bio-fuels.

[Source: The Swedish Wire]

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