Countries all over the world have recently implemented schemes to get drivers to trade in their older vehicles in exchange for newer, cleaner models. There are obvious questions as to whether any of this is really a good idea, especially when the fuel mileage requirements to qualify for the program are as lax as those in the U.S. Cash-For-Clunkers legislation.

We've heard some support in the past for motorcycles to be added to these scrapping schemes and now it seems Spain has recently implemented just such a program. The actual incentive is based on the engine displacement of the machines being purchased and traded in. Full details have yet to be hashed out, but it's expected that larger motorcycles may get up to 750 Euros in rebates.

The supposed environmental benefits for this particular program may be real if a large number of two-stroke machines and older models without current emissions controls are scrapped in favor of modern cleaner-burning four-stroke motorcycles and scooters.

[Source: Bikes in the Fast Lane | Photo: DG Jones]

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