We occasionally decry some of the daffy laws that are still on the books, and then things like this happen and we're reminded that we need some of them. Two men in King County, Washington allegedly tied a live bull to a Buick's door frame and were spotted dragging it down the road to another pasture. The bull, apparently dead set against heading to said pasture, was on its belly, legs splayed out, leaving a trail of blood behind it.

The two men, Terrance Neff (no relation) and Jonas Arnbrister, told police the bull "is stubborn" and dragging it around is what they always do. Why? Because "You have to be like that with cows." After having pulled it a half a mile they also said that the bull wasn't hurt.

The men are currently in the King County jail awaiting court appearances on charges of animal cruelty. The bull was given pain medication and given to animal authorities for better keeping. Whenever Neff and Arnbrister get out, the next time they need to relocate some bull, we figure they ought to get themselves a lightly-used Pontiac Grand Am and try doing it like the gent in the above photo.

[Source: Seattle Post-Intelligencer | Image: Bugack.com]

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