According to The Herald Sun, since Victoria, Australia introduced anti-hoon legislation on July 1, 2006, more than ten cars a day have been confiscated from their owners. That's over 8,000 cars in three years, more than 5,000 of which the police still have. Despite those big numbers, Victorian Peter Black has the distinct honor of being the first Aussie to surrender two different cars in two years for hooning.

While our instincts generally tend to sympathy any time a car is taken away, we can't feel sorry for Black because he's guilty of criminal vanity: he broke the law and then posted the video of it online. That led to someone alerting the police as to the video's existence, and in turn, to the authorities alerting Black that he could hand over the keys to his Ford Falcon ute. How many times do we have to say it? Drive safely. If you don't, please keep it to yourself.

Black's case goes in a similar file to Aussie Joshua Shelton's – the 19-year-old had his arm amputated after a high speed crash, then had his license taken away after he was busted two months later doing donuts, and then he got busted this week twice in an hour for two different "hoon-related activities" while he was a passenger. These kids today...

[Source: Herald Sun]

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