REPORT: Saturn Vue plug-in replacement SUV on track, GM considering electric city car

Saturn Vue Two-Mode hybrid - click above for high res gallery

We've known for a while now that the technology that was to power the Saturn Vue plug-in hybrid would outlive GM's ownership of the brand and be ported over to another brand. The two-mode hybrid powertrain from the Vue Hybrid will likely become available in another GM product sometime in 2011, but what about the PHEV version? According to a report in Reuters, the vehicle may have changed but the timeline for GM's launch of a plug-in SUV remains the same. GM Vice Chairman Tom Stephens told the news service that, "I can tell you that I won't lose one day in terms of customers being able to walk into dealerships and actually purchase a plug-in." In May, AutoblogGreen readers voted for GM to use the Chevy Equinox as a new home for the PHEV Vue's guts, but all that GM will say is that the plug-in powertrain from the Vue will make its way into one of the four brands GM has left: Chevy, Cadillac, Buick or GMC.

In other news, Stephens said that GM has not ruled out producing a small, all-electric city car in the coming years. We suppose he means a "real" car and not something like the PUMA.

[Source: Reuters]

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